Sahaja Yoga meditation is natural, easy, and powerful. Regular practice can reduce stress, contribute to a more balanced life, and bring about amazing inner transformation. Each session covers the basics and includes a guided meditation, so that you can start meditating at home straight away. 

Classes do not involve any bending and stretching type exercises - participants will be seated throughout (as such, a yoga mat or any other type of equipment is not required). And there are no age restrictions – children* and senior people can both fully enjoy and benefit from Sahaja Yoga. Our meetings are always free, no matter how many times you attend. No prior reservation is required – simply turn up and make yourself comfortable. There is always place for those coming for the first time. We look forward to seeing you:


Every Wednesday, starting at 7:30 pm

Balham Library

16 Ramsden Road, Balham, SW12 8QY

(Off Balham High Street)



Discover the peace that lives inside your heart. Regular meditation can remove much of the stress of today's hectic non-stop lifestyle. Try it for yourself, you'll be amazed.


Your health is tied up with much more than just the physical body. Emotional well-being is a vital component of a healthy life. Sahaja meditation delivers the balance you need.


Banish the uncontrolled highs and lows of an unbalanced emotional state. By meditating regularly, you'll find yourself coping with life in ways you could never imagine.

* Children should be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times